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Latest News

Woodland – Still open for business as usual…

With the latest lockdown being announced for this week we would like to assure our clients that as part of the construction industry we are still open for business as usual.  All COVID safe safety measures are being adhered to on all our sites and office.


It has been a challenging year for the Office refurbishment sector, with COVID 19 changing the way we work and use our office space now and in the future.

Companies need to adapt and change for their employees to feel safe and happy in their working environments.

The needs of both companies and their staff need to be addressed and office space needs to become more flexible, creating space as well as small hub areas for staff to work safely.

Shared office space will also become more common place in the future cutting down costs for companies and creating diverse working environments.

It’s an exciting time for designers to use their creativity to make working areas somewhere employees look forward to going to everyday, it needs to be practical, funky, fun and of course safe.

Getting back to the office is a must for many who miss the banter the chit chat and the creative edge that we can get from our colleagues.

WCI look forward to working alongside designers and architects in making the working environment, office space, classrooms, colleges and community spaces safe, adaptable, fun and practical.  It is the way forward and we all need to embrace the change in a positive way and look forward to it.