Newham 6th Form College

Newham 6th Form College

Client/Surveyor/Project Manager: Newham 6th Form College

Period: 11 weeks

Value: £575,000

We stripped out the existing security offices and turnstiles within a ‘live’ environment, with all work completed out of hours. This involved the removal of internal non-loadbearing timber/plasterboard partitions, complete M&E, suspended ceilings, the carpets to the existing front-of-house offices and security areas, existing access control speed gates, fire curtains and alarms.

The refurbishment works consisted of reconfiguring new office and FOH security areas including plasterboard partitions, M&E installations, plasterboard ceilings, doors, bespoke reception and security desks, flooring, and final finishes.

The speed gates involved uplifting the existing floor and the new fire screen was created with a steel-formed structure bolted onto the padstones and encasing in a fire rated system.